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Goodwin & Thyne Properties

When long time Santa Barbara friends, Kevin Goodwin and John Thyne, put their heads together on how they could best help home buyers and sellers in our red hot real estate market, they had a great idea: Do what is best for the customer!
In January of 2004, they opened Goodwin & Thyne Properties and began representing buyers and sellers with outstanding, professional, and ethical service.
The idea is a simple one whose time has come. Treat clients they way you would want to be treated as a client. The idea caught on quickly and customers from all over Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo Counties were amazed by this bold new company.
The company has offices in Santa Barbara and Ventura and is a member of the Multiple Listing Services (MLS’s) of Santa Barbara, Ventura County, Ojai Valley, Central Coast Regional (Santa Maria to Paso Robles) and Los Angeles.
Goodwin & Thyne Properties provides full service with extensive research and marketing, expert contract negotiations, ensures compliance with statutory disclosures, arranges inspections, negotiates repairs, works with title and escrow companies, and helps customers all the way past closing.

Since opening their doors, Goodwin & Thyne Properties has represented hundreds of buyers and sellers who rave about the superior service at a fair price. “Many of our customers have written letters of recommendation” offers Thyne.
In one, Terry and Gail Tyler, a long-time successful CPA and his wife who runs an amazing non-profit called JobSmart, helping the homeless to work, said of Goodwin & Thyne Properties, “They handled the contract negotiations, the extensive disclosure requirements, the inspection process, and all the other details right through the close of escrow. Every aspect was handled in a courteous and professional manner. We have purchased and sold many properties, and we’ve never had a more pleasant experience than we had with Kevin and John.”

Kevin Goodwin


Kevin Goodwin: Realtor®, Broker, Investor, Technological and Financial Wiz
Kevin Goodwin graduated from California Polytechnic State University of San Luis Obispo with a degree in computer engineering. He moved to Santa Barbara to work with TransSoft Networks, later acquired by Hewlett Packard.

At HP, Kevin developed technological products for which he earned five patents from the US Patent Office. In addition to his amazing technical skills, Kevin’s passion has long been real estate and he began investing in it early. Shortly after coming to town he purchased his first property and now owns several. Kevin’s experience with his own real estate holdings makes him a valuable asset to customers. Kevin’s outstanding working knowledge of finance and technology assures that clients have the best of all worlds.

Kevin works with many of the company’s buyers and sellers. He has helped everyone from first time buyers to seasoned investors identify, purchase and sell their properties. “Kevin sought to understand our needs and goals. We never felt pressured because our best interests were obviously his primary focus,” says Rick Evans.

This is echoed by Laurie Hanan who recently moved to Santa Barbara, “Kevin Goodwin helped me purchase my home. Little did I know at the time how fortunate I was to have chosen this firm to handle my real estate transaction. From beginning to end of what could have been a stressful process, Kevin was attentive, professional and reassuring.” When commenting on what she liked best, Laurie noted that “He always made me feel as if I was his top priority, and that he was working solely for my best interest.” Adding, Kevin “is more than a Realtor®. I now consider him a friend as well.”

John Thyne

John Thyne knows what a good friend Kevin is. Thyne is an attorney, a real estate broker, and a law professor. He is a competent and compassionate attorney in our community and has worked for the United States Bankruptcy Court, has been honored as the Professor of the year for the Santa Barbara College of Law, and been the president of numerous non-profit organizations. In addition to being the co-owner of Goodwin & Thyne Properties, he owns his own flourishing law firm that supports Goodwin & Thyne Properties and handles a number of other civil matters.

Selling and buying real estate often involves the biggest investment a person will ever make. Every transaction involves statutory disclosures, long contracts, title policies, escrow companies, lenders, and invariably, at some level, attorneys. “Another great aspect of Goodwin & Thyne Properties,” says John, “is that while our company does not provide legal services, as an attorney I can negotiate, understand, and explain the ramifications of a sale or purchase.” One client commented, “Heading towards possible contract litigation, John’s knowledge of real estate law saved us from a great deal of trouble as he was able to quickly cite case law that supported our position.” Thyne’s work as a law professor for the Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law make him uniquely equipped to explain the complex and daunting issues of real estate transactions in a clear and understandable way.

A Final Word of Advice

Perhaps the best advice comes from another satisfied client, Bernice James, who concludes her letter of reference by saying, “if you are interested in selling your home, I highly recommend that you contact Goodwin & Thyne Properties. They were the best.”

Anyone who wants to learn more about this exciting company can follow Bernice’s advice and contact Goodwin & Thyne Properties at (805) 899-1100