PJ Williams

PJ Williams
(805) 403-0585

PJ Williams is an Attorney Trained Realtor® who is also an excellent example of what happens when the left brain and right brain come together to produce great results for clients!

In addition to being a long-time surfer and Santa Barbara local, PJ is a former business owner who owned and operated a successful retail business on State Street for decades. Today, PJ uses his business acumen to benefit his clients whether they are buying or selling commercial or residential properties. Meanwhile, PJ’s creative skills produce excellent marketing materials and strategies for Buyers and Sellers.


PJ is a dedicated, full time Realtor® who has successfully represented dozens of Buyers and Sellers in outstanding real estate transactions for more than ten years. PJ’s ability to analyze real estate from a businessman’s perspective combined with his intimate local market knowledge gives his clients a competitive advantage. If you are looking for a kind, competent, hard-working and creative Realtor® with impressive business skills, PJ is a great choice!