Buyer Services

Help You Find A Home

As well as providing comprehensive search tools here on our website we are aware of many off-market properties that we can bring to your attention.

Negotiate An Offer

Our agents are expert negotiators and know the value of what they are attempting to buy or sell. We will negotiate hard on your behalf.

Coordinate Inspections

We know the best property inspectors in the area and will help you choose one and coordinate all inspections on your behalf.

Negotiate Repairs

Your agent will again be your “negotiator” to address with the other side any known issues or those that arise from inspections.

Communicate With Lender

If your purchase requires a loan your agent will maintain open communication with your lender to provide any necessary documentation to help ensure a smooth transaction.

Manage Your Closing

Your agent will communicate with the other side and the title/escrow officer handling your closing and relay any updates to you.


about Goodwin & Thyne Properties

Goodwin & Thyne Properties is a full service real estate brokerage and is the best resource for all of your real estate needs. 

They consistently deliver the best professional real estate services with full time attorneys, brokers and Realtors® representing commercial and residential buyers and sellers. 

Combining the savvy of a cutting edge technology industry with the knowledge and diligent representation of a law firm, their clients have always enjoyed custom, personal service with professional local expertise.